PHP development: a popular scripting language

Among all the scripting languages, PHP Development is considered as one of the widely used languages. Besides being used for web development, PHP development can also be embedded in the HTML code. It is a free software that is easy to download and supports various operating systems, too.
Being an open source it makes things easy for developers because they can easily share their views and development via the online platform. A mixture of languages like Java and C, PHP was designed for producing interactive web pages. It can produce graphical web applications and can also create complex objects. Moreover, programmers who are new to the language get new learning opportunities to earn the intricacies from other developers. 

Following are the reasons behind popularity of PHP: 
  • Its syntax is similar with that of C
  • It is more powerful than Perl.
  • It can work on web servers like Apache and IIS.
  • Anything done with Perl in the past, can be done with PHP.

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