Major Advantages of PHP Application Development

The market trend of web development has change a lot in last few years as more and more companies are turning towards PHP MySQL Development - LAMP stack. LAMP is used for developing a small application like a Content Management Site (CMS) as well as many huge applications including well-known applications. Wikipedia, one of the most loved sites in the world has the user interface portion developed using PHP. The popular social networking site Facebook, and a fantastic social bookmarking site like Digg have all benefitted from the LAMP technology. Development of these giant applications using PHP open source has proven the capabilities of LAMP stack.

Advantages of PHP SQL Development (LAMP):

  • Free of cost
  • Open source
  • Trouble Free adaptability
  • Easy and swift coding
  • Effortless deployment of LAMP by utilizing Apache server
  • Facility of developing application offline (on local server) and can be deployed on live server later
  • Cost effective software solution because of the availability of inexpensive hosting facility

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