Overview of the .NET Framework

Microsoft .NET helps in the development of apps faster with the help of an ideal framework and expert developers are needed for .NET development as well as its migration from legacy application.

The .NET Framework is Microsoft's platform for web application development and is laced with many features. These features are perfectly set with the ability for great user experience. It also provides seamless communication and security and also the ability to emulate real life business processes in the virtual world for various uses.

Microsoft’s .NET Framework is a software development platform primarily focused on rapid application development which is termed as RAD. It is platform independent and promotes network transparency which helps in keeping your application secure. .NET application development includes many technologies and has a special framework which helps in the extensive development of Internet and intranet apps.

ASP.NET is a widely used web application & development technology which helps software engineers and developers to build dynamic websites and apps along with rendering web services. ASP.NET Development has an edge over other script-based-technologies (including Classic ASP) as it can compile server side code to multiple DLL files on web server.

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