Why is the development of PHP Web Apps preferred in the IT industry?

PHP as a technology has given small and medium businesses great apps which are helpful for many purposes.

The three letter word that is causing the world go on a merry-go-round is an “app”. Not only mobile applications but web based applications are also being used widely since a few years. Due to increasing of computers in each and every domain, the need for diversified applications has aroused. Most of the small and medium businesses prefer the development web application in PHP due to its free licensing.

PHP application development helps developers to flawlessly create dynamic web pages quickly and easily. It is quite a powerful platform which can make the web site outstandingly fast and along with the provision for great performance. There are many people who have started moving towards the creation of website in PHP to scale great heights in usability. In addition to that development done in this language also allows the web developers to rapidly create pages with attractive and eye catching user interface.

Not only core PHP but all the different flavors including CakePHP and other frameworks like Joomla, Magento, Wordpress are also considered for the development of the web based applications. The development team is trained in such a way that they can easily develop great applications for any domain that can be thought of. Web applications for any domain can be easily developed in PHP but some of the areas where it is currently being used include:

  • Business web application & web portal development
  • E-commerce web applications, product catalogues, and shopping carts
  • Customer Relationship Management and Content Management system
  • Forum or blog and bulletin boards
  • Social Networking Portal or Community Portal Development
  • Classifieds and directory portals
  • Custom enterprise PHP application development

The team is chosen with the thought to build some new and innovative which would be easily loved by each one of us. There are talented software engineers available to ramp up the site and applications and align them to the business processes. The expertise possessed by our team helps to get quick solutions thereby saving time and money.

As a known matter of fact, that a website must have effective design and implementation plan for its success. This can be easily achieved in PHP applications. The different frameworks aid the developers to write reusable code that can be utilized in many other similar apps. The greatest advantage offered by PHP is the flexibility. In future even if the trends change and there are transformations, this technology will be readily available to support the evolution of the website accordingly.  The open source and easy implementation greatly helps in situations of up gradation.

The FOSS approach that is followed in PHP apps development is one of the major advantages. Some advantages that these apps have are:

  • The apps are available for free download, which makes them readily available to a wide range of people without payment.
  • Licenses are open and thus have few restrictions on their use and the deployment of apps based on the FOSS technology.
  • And the most important of all the growth and use of FOSS technology (including LAMP), is that because users have access to the source it is much easier to fix faults and improve the applications.

Thus people with a limited budget prefer PHP for the development of their web apps.

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