Open Source Customization with PHP Development

What do look for, in a website? Nowadays, open source CMS and software packages are the best ways to build up a website at low costs. These are available for free and extremely effective. PHP is the widely used scripting language and there are many packages which come up with new and effective templates which can be used as needed.

PHP is part of the LAMP bundle which is an effective alternative to other commercial software for high performance systems. Some of the applications which are in vogue under PHP Development are WordPress CMS is a highly effective and efficient open source blog publishing application which is finding its niche as a Content Management System. It is popular because it is extremely user-friendly and its architecture is very simple. It has a huge and advanced template system in place. The best feature is the ease of use in managing the content.

Joomla is one of the better open source systems in place which has won multiple awards. You can build and customize different types of applications along with dynamic websites easily.  Joomla is again, a highly user-friendly CMS that easily allows users to manage their overall content. Your websites can be managed easily by a non-techie who is unaware of the technical details of web development. The main advantage of Joomla CMS is that it is extremely easy for anybody and everybody to manage content.

Drupal ‘s open source content management system (CMS) is based on different modules for administrators who can manage content and customize the theme and appearance. The admin can manage and set routine tasks. Drupal is one of the rare open source frameworks which can easily allow for any user with easy access to source code of the website for free.

Magento is also a popular open source ecommerce development platform based on PHP MySQL Development which provides online merchants with amazing features along with superb flexibility and control. One can easily change the look, content and functionality of their store and integrate it with a variety of payment gateways as needed.

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